Orinda Cars & Coffee

This morning, I took the Exocet over to Saint Mary’s Cars and Coffee (Orinda, CA). This was the 10th that they’ve had. I had found out about it through Facebook, which is lucky because the rest will be email-list only. I had remembered hearing about it at a Driving While Awesome event and I’m quite glad to have been able to get in before it ghosts itself.

Upon showing up, I saw a couple familiar faces and a few familiar cars. Ryan and Joe from Distinguished Auto Group run the St. Mary’s event. It looks like they do a great job. There were over 150 cars and ranged from old to exotic. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots, but it was a very social event. Everyone that I met was super friendly.

I wish I knew the story behind the R34 (there were two of them but neither was running a US plate).

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4 years ago

I dig the large sized thumbnails.

4 years ago

Test, Test